Thursday, June 16, 2011

We're all really just beginning

I like to take beginner's yoga.  It might seem strange considering that I've been at this whole yoga thing for a little while.  Besides me, everyone in the class is new.  They're usually scared and confused.  They don't want to look stupid.  They're really afraid to fail.  The teacher takes things slowly and thoroughly explain each asana.  She is patient and never scolds.  Beginner's classes require a lot of acceptance - about yourself and where you're really at.  You're encouraged to take breaks when your body reminds you that you need them.  You're often encouraged to smile.

I like beginner's classes because it reminds me from where I started.  A girl who could barely touch her toes.  A girl who thought sanskrit was useless.  A girl whose chakras were pretty closed.  I'm always surprised when I stumble in beginner's class and my instinct is to chastise myself.  Haven't I been at this for five days a week for months?  Shouldn't I have mastered everything there is to learn about yoga's first steps?  But unfortunately even master guitar players stumble on a few chords.  And there will be tree poses that I won't hold.

In life there is always room for you in the beginner's class.  Circumstances may force you back to the starting block.  And that's not the time to panic.  Just start at the beginning with the basics.  Figure out if you need to be where you are currently living.  Decide if the relationships in your life are genuine.  Find a job that doesn't choke you.  Breathe.  Give up the need to control.

And one more thing - I highly suggest you try smiling.

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