Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blog posts I haven’t written (and probably never will)

Every once in awhile I come up with a great idea for a blog post, fall in love with a clever title, start to write and stop. 

Here are the brilliant ideas that I haven’t found the strength to finish.  

To my faithful readers - if any of these half-baked ideas are something you actually want to read – please let me know.  That's right YOU get to chose your own wine will fix it adventure.  You have the power!

  • Zen and the Art of Hair Maintenance

  • Chicago Bulls, Ahmad Rashad & clinical insanity

  • Annie Potts, suicide & crying in your apartment alone

  • Isn’t it time we all came out of the closet?

  • No matter how much I try, Bob Dylan won’t leave my life

  • Doobie Brothers – are all of you dead?

  • I don’t want to wear my big girl pants today

  • Hey there hangover – why don’t you do yourself a favor and die?

  • We aren’t human and we aren’t dancers

  • Jazz hands and wind instruments – the saga of my smothering stage grandparents

  • Thoughts on Oliver Cromwell after 3 glasses of wine

  • New Mexico …. What the fuck?

  • Why is no one talking about hotel bars and hookers?

  • Barely cooked & barely legal – the sushi strip club

1 comment:

  1. I want to hear about Ahmad Rashad. I spent many a Saturday morning watching him and Hanna Storm on NBA Action.