Tuesday, October 5, 2010

End of summer/time to hibernate

So it is FINALLY starting to feel like the seasons have changed in Los Angeles.  While I am in general not a fan of the seasons (due to many below zero temperature winters in Chicago), there is something about the change in atmosphere that signals that time has passed.

In LA, it sometimes feels like every day is the same since for the most part its 75 and sunny outside.  This leads to many of my friends basically never growing up since there is no reminder that we’re getting closer to 30. 

Anyways.  For Angelenos this is starting to feel cold.  I mean brrr, shiver, I need a coat cold.  For the record, to us that is anything below 65 degrees.  And out of nowhere I’ve also been feeling like it’s time to pack up summer, put it in a box and move onto winter.  That means the bathing suits, trips to Vegas (note: only summer trips to Vegas are getting packed up since we have trips planned in the winter which will be different.  read: no cabanas because it will be too cold), month long ventures into funemployment and general shenanigans.  And most importantly, it’s time to pack up my summer behavior with men.

See at the beginning of the summer I had been celibate for 15 months.  That’s right FIFTEEN MONTHS.  And right around the start of the summer I just caved in.  And I kept caving and caving and caving.  I was like an anorexic at a cheap Chinese buffet.  I just wanted to EAT.  And eating felt amazing. I wanted to eat all the time.  Regardless of the value of the dish.  And now I’m stuffed.

Food just doesn’t look as appealing as it used to.  Literally, boys who I used to be attracted to just aren’t getting me going anymore.  It’s time for a break.  As a good friend stated, “you OD’ed on cheap hamburgers, it’s time for you to take your time and find a quality Bellagio steak.” 

So I’m closing up the slut shop!  (To the utter dismay of everyone who has been near me over the last few months).  And in the mean time, when things get rough I’m going to finally cave in and purchase some assistance.  Which means to any girls who know me in the area … time to shop for a rabbit!

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  1. OMG Jenni, we are seriously living parallel lives. This actually makes me happy because your life seems to be working out much better than mine right now. But we need to chat next time you're in Chicago. Maggie and I will take you out for drinks!