Monday, August 30, 2010

John Mayer would totally be our friend

Clearly you know who John Mayer is.  You may think he sucks.  You may like some of his music.  You may want to put a stake in his chest for crushing poor Jennifer Aniston's heart.  

Meh.  I'm one of those non 13 year old girls who really likes him and his music.  Flaws and all.  I first saw him in college on campus way back when only people on college campuses knew who he was.  He's since then become a very famous young man.  

I think it's interesting to track an artist for a long time and see how they've grown musically and emotionally (which may be one in the same?).  I'd like to think that if John Mayer was a fan of mine since I was about 18 that he'd see me now and decide that I had become a great young woman.  

Sure, he would have read about all of my stupid mistakes in the tabloids.  Then all of his friends would harass him for saying they're not sure why he was still "into me" despite tons of evidence that I had sold out and was a bitch.  (She took a CORPORATE AMERICA JOB, John.  Why are you still following her?)  I'd like to think that he'd stick up for me even when it was no longer cool to be a fan of mine.  

Alas, he's famous and I'm not.  We both live in the same city but the likelihood that we'll ever meet is slim.  But John Mayer, if you're out there trolling my blog.  At another time and place when you didn't become uber famous and you were still a geeky Berklee grad we totally would have been friends.

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