Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wine Won't Fix It (aka the chemistry-less date)

So the picture above depicts the reason many single women are hesitant to date.  The bad date, in all of it's many shapes and sizes is legendary amongst the single culture.  And somehow the tales and experiences have gotten so bad that it takes wonderful women off the market.

But while statistically it's true, most dates aren't going to lead to an instantaneous recognition that you've met your soulmate ... I give you reasons why you should go on the potentially bad date.

1) The more random dates you go on, the less nervous you get.  Once you realize that the commitment of a date is nothing more than talking to someone casually over a glass of wine then you stop the anxiety of what it all could mean.  You start caring less about what HE thinks about YOU and more about if this is someone you want to spend more time with.

2) Ego boost.  All women everywhere who are single like to describe their evening activities as "I'm going on a date."  Bonus: Drop this line on a guy that you're interested in.  Doesn't hurt for him to know that he's not the only game in town.  Even if the other game in town is a 33 year old man child with sociopathic tendencies who for some reason was granted a MEDICAL LICENSE (more on that guy later - we shall call him PROBLEM CHILD).

3) Share fun LA (insert wherever you live) tips.  Due to tonight's failed date I now know a great whole in the wall Italian restaurant in Pasadena in Old Town.  Score!  For good measure make sure you share you own favorite tips with your date.  Yeah, you may bump into him but sharing the best parts of LA gives you good karma and you will be rewarded one day (preferably with good rush hour traffic karma on the 405).

4) Girls Night Out Material - you know who does NOT have new material?  Your girlfriends who are happily paired up.  You can still trump all boyfriend conversations with the latest gem of a date who made you drive him home after drinks when he lived walking distance to the bar (true story for me).

5) Cuz This is Life.  Sorry ladies you aren't owed the perfect husband at age 23, kids by 25 and a lifetime of bliss forever.  Life just isn't fair sometimes.  But the down times leads you to appreciate the good.  Which helps my next point ....

6) It helps you recognize and appreciate the good dates.

So there you have it.  If you're not convinced by 6 semi randomly selected bullet points on a blog you are probably not even reading then I don't know what will convince you to get out there.

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