Thursday, August 12, 2010

To my 20 year old self

With the copious amount of free time that I've found myself with I decided to rewatch one of my favorite movies.

The last time I saw this movie I was a junior in college, in love and completely knew beyond a shadow of a doubt who I was going to marry.  We went to see the movie on or around Valentine's day.  I was happy.

Midway through my rewatch today I wondered how much separated me from the girl who watched it the first time.  It's like 8 years later I am abundant in all the things I lacked back then.  And back then I had all of the things I lack right now in my life.

We had the kind of love that people literally dream of their entire lives.  The all consuming, obsessive, passionate, fairy tale kind of love.  But after the break up I went on to really live my life.  I moved all around the country, started a great career, met my friendship soul mates, dated good and bad men and somewhere along the way became a woman.  The kind of woman who he would probably be happy to see that I've become despite our tragic end.

So I watched the movie, in a different time in my life and reflected.

Part of me wondered today if he ever watches the dvd of that movie and realizes that for a brief second in time, we were both perfect.  And that at that time neither of us knew that it would eventually end.

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